What Does Your Online Degree Tell Employers About You?

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The saying “You’ve come a long way, baby” could not be more true than in the world of distance learning. From the early days of correspondence courses and mail-order degrees to the explosive growth of classes offered by traditional academic institutions via the Internet, the face of education has changed dramatically.

Even the most prestigious traditional universities now offer some form of distance learning opportunity. As the popularity of online education and enrollment in distance learning courses has grown exponentially, so has its reputation as a viable learning method. Acceptance of online degree programs is on the rise, and many businesses now hire applicants with online degrees or provide tuition reimbursement to current employees pursuing online degrees.

Today’s employers are concerned with results. What you learned and how you can apply your knowledge to a career in your chosen field is far more important than how you acquired the knowledge. Employers also value innovation and flexibility – critical traits for distance learners.

So what will your online degree tell current and prospective employers about you?

• You are independent. With no class schedules or deadlines, self-paced learners must work independently to achieve their goals.

• You possess technical skills. Online learning environments require students to have good computer skills. Your online education demonstrates that you know how to use the Internet, word processing, and other software applications.

• You have reasonably good writing skills. To be a successful distance learner, you must be able to write intelligently and coherently. Today’s employers place a high value on employees or job candidates who know the importance of good writing.

• You can communicate via electronic media. You know how to use email, electronic bulletin boards, and chat to communicate with instructors and fellow students.

• You are self-disciplined. Successful distance learners are organized and disciplined. They know how to schedule their time and move forward with their goals and objectives.

• You are highly motivated. Self-motivation is an essential trait for learners in non-traditional environments.

• You are geared toward continual improvement. “Continual improvement” is a buzzword in today’s business environment, and it applies to individuals as well as businesses. Your thirst for continual improvement is evident in your determination to earn your degree.

• You are committed to achieving your goals. Commitment – following through, pursuing your studies, and performing the required course work to earn your degree – is part of the makeup of distance learners.

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