10 Beauty Brands We’re Loving Made With Melanin Skin In Mind

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The beauty market is more inclusive than it’s ever been before, but true diversity is a work in progress. Consider the makeup industry for instance, which has made major strides in recent years but when we look into skincare, a lack of diversity still persists. 456 Skin describes it as “the skincare-race gap”, which is seen in the industry’s dearth of melanin-specific skincare. As Sarah Irby, founder of Melē, reflects on her brand’s website, “Black and Brown women are major consumers and enthusiasts of all aspects of beauty, yet there is a lack of science-based knowledge and skincare in the market designed specifically for her.” However, recently we’ve seen promising change as more and more incredible POC-focused skincare brands are taking centre stage, gaining the recognition they deserve with many other exciting lines still underway, like Naomi Osaka’s KINLÒ.

Looking for a few extra gems to add to your summer beauty wishlist? Scroll down for a list of revolutionary beauty brands that are elevating education and representation in skincare, with scientifically-backed blends made for all shades of melanin.

456 Skin


456 is “closing the skincare-race gap” with their clinically proven product offerings specifically curated and personalized for melanated phototypes: 4, 5, and 6.

Add to Cart: Tonic Oh! Treatment Lotion, $48

Any glow getters out there? Cause this is a literal skin glow-up in liquid form. Hyaluronic acid and alpinum flower leaf extract boosts hydration levels, bringing much-needed balance back to the skin. Paired with this skin-reviving duo is salicylic acid to keep clogged pores in check and improve your skin’s overall texture.



A line of high-end skincare staples that merge science with Africa’s most lush organic ingredients, to help take your day and nighttime beauty ritual to new heights. 

Add to Cart: Natural Cleansing Oil, $63

This holy grail item treats hyperpigmentation as you cleanse. Licorice root and plankton extracts elevate your skin’s glow while tackling dark spots for a brighter and more even complexion.

Rose Ingleton MD


Dr. Ingleton creates a range of clean and straightforward skincare essentials that feed the skin with Jamaica’s most powerful nutrient-rich fruit extracts. From blemishes, dullness, redness, and dehydration, you’ll find a solution for all skin woes.

Add to Cart: Complexion Brightening Booster, $70

In this serum is Dr. Rose Ingleton’s hallmark Jamaican Juice Blend — a skin-rejuvenating cocktail of superfruits: bilberry, orange, sugar cane, lemon, and sugar maple topped with a superior serving of hyaluronic acid. It’s also infused with a powerful cocktail of peptides, citric, malic, and lactic acids to add plumpness back to your skin’s texture while working serious wonders for uneven tone too. 

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