Makeup Classes Pave the Way to a Dazzling Career

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When you see celebrities walk down the red carpet, see actors on the silver screen, or view the fashion models in your preferred magazine, what you don’t see are the invisible hands of the people who make celebrities and models look their most high-grade – the makeup artists.

There’s no doubt that makeup artists perform magic. Their artwork tells a story. Sometimes it’s a story of glamour, sometimes it’s the story reflected in the season’s fashions, and sometimes it’s the reflection of a story being told by a script. What you may not know, though, is that freelance makeup artists also create lucrative careers in the worlds of fashion, celebrity, advertising, print media, music, television, and film.

The Path to Becoming an Artist

If you believe that makeup tells a story, enjoy being part of the creative process, and thrive working in a constantly changing environment, a career as a makeup artist may be your calling. But to succeed as a makeup artist, you need training and experience. That’s where makeup classes come in. With intensive makeup lessons, you’ll be able to take your natural talent and learn the techniques necessary to get started in the business.

Finding Schools

While you may find a makeup workshop or makeup courses in most major cities, the place to go to learn makeup in Hollywood, the most incredible makeup artists reside and teach in or around the Los Angeles area. When evaluating various makeup classes, here’s what to look for:

Small Class Size: Small makeup classes (with eight students maximum) ensure the best hands-on instruction customized to meet your individual needs.

Length of Cosmetic Courses: The best makeup courses are eight weeks long and provide about 280 hours of instruction and workshop time. Becoming a makeup artist requires dedication and commitment, and an entire eight-week system will provide you with all of the information you need to succeed.

Variety of Products: The makeup classes you choose should have product workshops that teach you about the myriad of cosmetic lines and products on the market today. You need to have information and develop experience working with different makeup types to make sound decisions when you invest in your professional makeup kit.

Variety of Techniques: Your classes should teach you how to apply makeup for various mediums, such as film, television, high-definition, fashion runway, and music videos. Look for makeup courses specializing in airbrush makeup, as this technique has gained increasing importance in the industry. It would help if you also were taught bridal makeup, ethnic makeup, mature makeup, and children’s makeup.

Developing your artistry in makeup application is critical, but there’s more to succeeding as a freelance makeup artist than honing your skills. You also need information on the business aspects of being a makeup artist, such as marketing yourself and building your portfolio. The best makeup schools will include a final course project, a three-day photo shoot that will prepare you to plan your photoshoots and give you a jump start on building your portfolio.

A career as an artist is both personally and financially rewarding. Great makeup classes allow you to invest in your future and open doors to the glamorous, behind-the-scenes world of glamour, celebrity, and fashion.

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