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Welcome to the Hair Revolution.

Are you tired of spending your hard earned cash on hair that looks great in the packet but turns into barbed wire after the first wash?

Have you been conned into buying fake Remy hair for an extortionate price only to find out that after a couple of washes it is just as low quality as cheaper hair?

Professionals here at Milele Salon have been working hard to find the best quality hair at the right price for you. They have travelled as far as Indonesia, the USA and Eastern Europe looking for the most superior hair to perfectly suit your need. We have brought you Best of the Best Quality Hair in the market today that will stay in the market for as long as hair care demands keep calling.

Our hair is worn by models, actresses and professional women of all races. It is versatile and natural and as long as it is cared for properly it can be taken out and reused for up to a year.

With over 6 years experience in hair, we know how to provide the most superior quality hair available on the world market.

DNA hair is here to serve our customers with the very best in 100 percent Human Hair.

Our hair does not tangle and matt. It does not turn into a birds nest at the nape of your neck half way through the day. Our hair remains as smooth and manageable as the first day you bought it, wash after wash. ......Milele DNA...

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