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Lace Closure

DNA Lace Closure is a very useful tool for closing hair extensions and weave ons. It will help your weave on look more natural and very real. It can be parted anywhere and gives the look of real growing hair. The parting is light and unlike old partings does not have any plastic or doll-like part sticking out. This tool will definitely make a weave look so good, they won't even know. The hair is 100% real and very natural.

The DNA Lace Closure comes in all types of hair textures, depending on your needs. All the hair on our Lace Closure is 100% remy/cuticle human hair. DNA Lace Closure is the best closure parting available on the market today.

The closures are re-usable and hair can be added to the Lace Closure. Most top stylist and hairdressers use our closures to create amazing hairstyles. The DNA Lace Closure is an effective tool that will help you achieve all hairstyles you have always wanted.

DNA Lace Closure is also available in different sizes as a Toupee Closure. This is an excellent product for both men and women that are suffering from hair loss. The Toupee Closure comes in different sizes and it can be glued directly to your scalp and lasts up to six weeks. This is a really amazing hair replacement tool.

Our Lace Closure comes in all textures and can be mad or cut to your length requirements

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