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Custom - Made S-Wave

Custom-Made S-Wave Hairline

This is a slightly wavy hair with lots of body, the texture is silky and smooth, but looks very good on all ethnicities. Our S-Wave is very similar to our Subtle Wave, but it is a slightly more silky texture. S-Wave is great for those exotic summer holidays as the curls are very luscious and bouncy.

Custom Made Deep Wave

Custom-Made Deep Wave Hairline

Similar to the Brazilian hair except this hair has a more definite curl. The curls are cascading and slightly tighter than Brazilian hair. It is great for both bushy curls and also styles that are not so bushy. Like all our hair, it will not tangle if treated properly.

Custom Made Ethnic Straight

Custom-Made Ethnic Straight Hairline

This hair is ideal for people from African/Caribbean descent. Great for that straight pressed look without the bother of having to press your own hair. This hair is full of movement and you can press it to make it go even straighter or just set it in curls for a soft ringlets and waves. Very popular hair! One of our top sellers.
Custom Made Silky Soft

Custom-Made Silky Soft Hairline

A highly versatile hair. This hair comes straight in the packet. It is silky smooth and has a lot of movement. Due to the fact that this hair is completely unprocessed, it may turn slightly wavy after washing. To regain the straight look just blow dry and use your straightening irons to get it back to its original condition.
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