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Hair Adhesives and solvents are used to glue on and remove Lace Front Wigs and Hairlines*. The glue or tape you use should depend on how long you plan to keep your Wig or Frontal off. If glue does come into contact with hair it is very easy to remove with solvent. The glue does not damage the hair like other conventional hair glues.

  • For Daily/Weekly Attachment: Attaching and removing daily/weekly with use of 1-10 day adhesive (mity tite/liqui tape) for lace front or skin. However, this method causes more wear and tear on your hair system, it’s good to have a back up unit. Supplies needed: Mity Tite or Liqui-Tape (adhesive), C-22 (solvent) and Lace Release.
  • For Monthly Attachment: Attaching and removing monthly with use of up to 3-4 weeks hold (vapon-no tape) for lace front and skin. Full instruction guide with purchase. Supplies needed: Vapon No Tape (adhesive), C-22 (solvent) and Lace Release.

    Tapes - some clients prefer tape attachment rather than adhesives
  • For Daily Attachment: Topstick Daily attachment tape for daily hold with C-22 (solvent) and Lace Release.
  • For Weekly Attachment: Topstick PLUS attachment tape for weekly hold with C-22 (solvent) and Lace Release.
  • For Monthly Tape Attachment: Monthly attachment tape (EXTENDABOND) for up to 4 week hold with C-22 (solvent) and Lace Release.
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