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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask! Click on each of the questions below to get your answers.

1. What is cuticle hair?

Cuticle hair is hair in its most natural form. All the hair remains in the same direction from root to tip. The cuticle is the exterior shell of the hair. In lower grades of hair the cuticle is stripped away with acid and then the hair is coated with a fake cuticle: silicone.

2. Why is silky soft hair sometimes straight and why does it sometimes go wavy after washing?

Because DNA Hair provides hair in its raw form, it can differ from head to head. No two heads of hair are exactly the same, just like finger prints. However, most of our clients enjoy buying the natural straight hair because even if it does go slightly wavy once wet, you can leave it this way for a whole new look or simply use your ceramic straightening irons for a straight and sleek style.

3. What is a Lace Front Wig?

A Lace Front Wig is a wig that has a hairline constructed of micro-thin lace material. This material is made out of French or Swiss lace (Swiss lace is the highest quality). Due to the sheer nature of the lace it is very hard to see when placed against the skin. The hair is securely knotted into the lace and appears to grow from the scalp. The front edge is the most important as this is the part that is always detected when you wear normal wigs. The Lace Front Wig can be exclusively trusted to maintain the look of growing hair, which is why so many celebrities, actresses and singers wear them.

4. How long will my Lace Front Wig last for?

If taken care of correctly, your Lace Front Wig should last you for years. However, after a while of use, minor repairs such as small lace rips may need repairing, especially if you are not cautious when handling the wig. All you need to do is send the wig to us for repair. Also, because we use the highest quality of 100% human hair, after a year or so you may find that some of the hair has shed, due to brushing, combing and styling. This too can easily be repaired. Many of our clients choose to take the opportunity of sending their wig in for repair to also have highlights added. We will carry this out for little or no charge.

We also advise our customers to take into consideration the quality of glue that is used to hold the hair in place. Please visit the Adhesives and Solvents range of products for more information on types of glue.

5. What is the purpose of the Hairline* when doing a weave?

The hair line of your scalp is like the frame of your face. If it is messy, gapy or bald it doesn't matter how nice your weave is, your hair line can seriously let your overall hair style down. Due to many years of having the sides of your hair put under stress - either with chemicals or the pulling and tugging of braids or ponytails - it is inevitable that the sides of your hair will become weak and break. You may find yourself in a vicious circle of having to cover up your bald spots by having a weave done. This in turn puts more stress on the remaining hair on the sides, which breaks off and makes the sides even worse.

The Hairline* is similar to the Lace Front Wig but it only covers your hair line rather than the whole of your hair. It goes from ear to ear so you can hold your hair back or nape to ear so you can hold your hair up in an elegant style or a plain old ponytail.

The Hairline* is ideal for anyone who wants to give their hair a bit of a break yet still wants the glamour of a weave. Hairline* comes in various depths, so you can still have your weave attached from the middle or a quarter from the front of your hair, but the Hairline* covers the front immaculately and gives the most delicate hair on your head a break.

Remember, our Hairline* comes in various depths, textures of hair and lengths, and is always 100% human hair. "Real hair is in your DNA."

6. Why doesn't DNA hair tangle?

At DNA Hair we go out of our way to make sure that each pack of hair is checked over and over again for quality. Hair that tangles has usually been stripped of its cuticle and no amount of care and conditioning will make up for this poor grade of extension. We use as few chemicals as possible on our hair and the solutions that we do use are 100% organically based. Due to the fact that the hair is in its natural condition it will tangle no more than if it was growing out of your head.

7. Does DNA hair come in different colours?

It certainly does. At DNA Hair we pride ourselves on our wide spectrum of colours and textures of hair that we provide to our customers. Our colour range starts from colour 1B (jet black) to colour 613 (ash blonde), and we even have light grey hair. For rainbow sisters, our colours include green, purple, yellow and orange - you name it we've got it!

8. Can you recommend hairdressers?

Yes we can. We work alongside a few highly skilled hairdressers. Our hairdressers are great with: weaves, the DNA Seamless Rings system and attaching your Hairline* piece. Our hairdressers tend to specialise in different things so please let us know what system you want to use when you buy the hair and we can give you the details accordingly.

Please note that any hairdresser DNA recommends works freelance and separately from DNA Hair Ltd. Customers acquire the services of a recommended hairdresser at their own risk and DNA Hair Ltd is not responsible for the service provided by the hairdressers. However, as always, we are interested in your feedback for all the services we provide and recommend.

9. Why are DNA Seamless Rings better for my hair than glue extensions?

Unlike glue extensions, DNA Seamless Rings are not attached to your hair with the same harsh chemicals contained in glue extensions. The seamless hair extension is held in place by a small circular ring which is prised shut over your hair with the seamless tool. The hair is attached just firmly enough to make sure that the extension is held in place. The DNA Seamless Ring not only allows your hair to breathe, but it also leaves it free of harmful chemicals that break and dry out your hair.

DNA Seamless Rings come in European Silky Straight, Subtle Wave and Perm Straight textures.

The greatest thing of all about DNA Seamless Rings is the fact that they are so easy to put in that you could get a friend to do it for you. Our DVD guide gives easy steps on how to attach the rings. Within 10 minutes of watching it and another 10 minutes of practice anyone that sees it should be an expert. That's just 20 minutes and you're a pro! Imagine what you will save on hairdressing fees! It really is an amazing system.

Lastly, DNA Seamless Rings are as easy to remove as they are to put in. Just use the special tool that comes with the kit to loosen the seamless strands and off they come. The days of nasty, sticky glue are over!

10. Can I see the hair before I buy it?

DNA Hair is one of the only companies that will deliver the hair to you by hand through one of our representatives for the small fee of £20.00. At this time we only offer this service for our UK customers within the M25 bracket. If you live further afield we offer you the alternative of sending samples by post for the minimal fee of £6.00 per sample.

11. How much hair will I need to buy for my extensions?

This depends on what type of hair extensions you intend to have. For weaves two bunches (1/2lb) of hair is usually enough. However this does depend on the size of your head and how thick you want your weave to be. If you would like to just add colour or body to your own natural hair then obviously you would only need one bunch of hair. Each bunch of hair is about 1/4lb. For DNA Seamless Rings it depends on how much hair you would like to add. As the rings come individually you can add as little as 30 rings for highlights or 240 rings for a head of hair extensions. The DNA Seamless Rings can last a year if well taken care of.

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